Industrial Session

Following the long ICSCRM/ECSCRM tradition, ECSCRM 2016 will also host an Industrial Session. This will be held on Monday, September 26th, the first day of the conference, after the evening technical sessions. This time a new, more attractive scheme has been chosen.

The Industrial Session will be a panel discussion, consisting of panel members (company representatives specialized on a certain subject) and two moderators. There will be a short introduction by each company and then questions by the moderators and mainly the audience. This panel discussion will offer direct comparison possibilities that will be interesting to the audience and the interaction between companies and participants will allow both sides to clarify their objectives and get more targeted information.

There will be two such panel discussions, one after the other, each lasting approximately 1 hour. The first one will be oriented to material related aspects and the second to device/applications ones.

Material-related session


Mario Saggio (ST Microelectronics, Italy),  Hidekazu Tsuchida (CRIEPI, Japan)


  1. Wolfspeed, Cengiz Balkas, Cengiz.balkas[at]
  2. FAU, Peter Wellmann, crystals[at]
  3. Nitride Crystals, Yuri Makarov, yuri.makarov[at]
  4. Aixtron, Frank Wischmeyer, F.Wischmeyer[at]
  5. Nuflare, Itaru Fujiki, fujiki.itaru[at]
  6. SINMAT, rajiv singh, rksingh[at]
  7. 3D Micromac, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Zuehlke, Gebhardt[at]
  8. Siltectra, Jan Richter, Jan.richter[at]
  9. KLA-Tencor, Anoop Somanchi, Anoop.Somanchi[at]
  10. Renishaw, Ian Hayward, ian.hayward[at]
  11. Rigaku, Daisaburo Hirai, d-hirai[at]

Device/applications session


Hong Lin (YOLE Inc, France), Viktor Veliadis (PowerAmerica, USA)


  1. Xfab, Andy Wilson, andy.wilson[at]
  2. Raytheon, Roger Kinnear, Roger.Kinnear[at]
  3. Wolfspeed, John Palmour, john.palmour[at]
  4. Monolith, Kiran Chatty, kchatty[at]
  5. USCi, Chris Dries, jcdries[at]
  6. ST Microelectronics, Mario Saggio, mario.saggio[at]


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