Closing Conference Tour

Sithonia Cruise: get a chance to sail in turquoise water, enter an ancient and historic harbor and admire a magnificent sunset in the Aegean sea

Thursday, September 29th @ 14:15
duration: 5 h | MAXimum participation 180 passengers | price: € 15,00 pp

After the closing of the ECSCRM 2016 conference what would be the best closing of your stay at Halkidiki?
A five hour boat tour – SITHONIA CRUISE – is organized for those who will depart from the hotel after 19.30 of the 29th of September.
At 14:15 the boat Agios Nikolaos will depart from Port Carras marina – the spot where you have admired during the conference all moored yachts – and sail towards the island Kelyfos.

Porto Carras marinaAgios Nikolaos boatKelyfos island

Kelyfos island – or known also as turtle island from it shape – is located between the two peninsulas, Sithonia & Kassandra, with the only habitants are wild goats and sea gulls. The many steep slopes and coasts are full of pine and olive trees, while the steep cliffs around the island, in some spots, form caves.
Sailing south we will drop anchor in Porto Koufo.

Porto Koufo harbor

Porto Koufo is a secret harbor, at the south west of Sithonia peninsula, through an opening just 300m wide. This is the ancient Toronaios port, mentioned by Thucydides as the largest and most secure port in Ancient Greece. During the Second World War the harbor was used by the German submarine because of its strategic location providing anti-aircraft coverage and direct access to the Aegean sea.
While on the cruise you will get a chance to swim in the outstanding turquoise water either at Kelyfos Island or Porto Koufo (specific spot to be finalized).

We will enjoy the sunset while sailing back to Porto Carras marina which we will reach at 19:30.

Thursday, Sept. 29th 2016
14.15 embark Ag. Nikolaos boat from marina Porto Carras
15.45 arrive at Kelyfos island and enjoy a swim
16.15 depart from Kelyfos island for Porto Koufo harbor
16.45 arrive at Port Koufo, disembark and spend approximately 1 hour in the village of Porto Koufo
18.00 depart from Porto Koufo, enjoy the sunset from the boat
19.15 return to Porto Carras marina

Sunset at Porto Carras marina

If you are interested in this tour, please fill out the form TOURS
Payment will be settled upon your registration on site, on the 26th of September and no later.

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